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Services for the health market


ILC is an IT company from NEUCA Group established in 1991.

It develops software and implements IT solutions in enterprises and companies related to the pharmaceutical, medical and sales & service industries.

In 2014, ILC, just like in previous years, concentrated its activities on IT solutions for the pharmacy market and on projects for the retail market.


The company continued to development advanced reporting and communications platforms for the pharmaceutical market. This allowed NEUCA GROUP to launch new business offers for the independent pharmacies. New projects are characterised by a momentum quite unique on the pharmaceutical market and a positive reception by the pharmacists. Ease of installation and versatility permitted to implement our solutions in more than 1,400 pharmacies.

In 2014, ILC built and implemented an integration platform enabling an error-free identification of products within the data from market programs. It enhanced significantly the quality of reporting and settlements.


In the retail industry ILC continued working with its strategic customers by carrying out large development projects.

ILC, together with MICROSOFT, implemented a project for a mobile sales platform intended for the retail market. This project met with great interest in Poland and abroad. ILC, together with MICROSOFT, plans to start mass sales of the system in the first half of 2015.

In 2014, NEUCA MED acquired ten outpatient care clinics located in wielkopolskie, dolno-śląskie, śląskie and kujawsko-pomorskie provinces.

Our outpatient care clinics provide medical services to about 30,000 patients as part of primary health care and about 10,000 specialised consultations per month in outpatient specialist care. We also provide services for 17,000 employees in the field of occupational medicine.

We collaborate with insurance companies (including PZU, ALLIANZ, MEDICA, SIGNAL, GENERALI) and as part of cooperation with medical firms (LUX MED, MEDICOVER, ENEL-MED, POLMED) we deliver services to patients with subscribed health care service packages.

In 2015, we expect a further development of our network of outpatient care clinics.

Advertising Services

Multi-channel marketing for the pharmaceutical & medical industry

In 2014, NEKK agency kept on working with key customers and was commissioned for marketing services by new companies too. The most important customers of NEKK include POLPHARMA, ADAMED, POLFARMEX, BIOTON, HERBAPOL POZNAŃ, ROCHE and in 2014 the customer base was extended, among others, by ANGELINI, USP ZDROWIE and NIVEA POLSKA

NEKK also developed its cooperation with customers from other industries. A key role is still played by the collaboration with ERGO HESTIA, VW POZNAŃ and ŻABKA POLSKA.

The agency participated in the most important projects for NEUCA GROUP, i.e. preparing and coordinating the social communication campaign "Medicines from the pharmacy only", new deployments and refreshing the packaging line (150) for the Pharmacist Brand APTEO ® and launches of new products and advertising campaigns for the brand PLUS DLA SKÓRY.

NEKK significantly expanded its sales support competences in terms of development and implementation of loyalty programs and multi-channel marketing, focusing on the expansion of channels permitting to reach different target groups, including doctors, and on extension of the portfolio of services. It largely strengthened the competences
and the scope of services of the Internet Marketing Department.

In 2014, NEKK developed a strategy to refresh the image of SYLIMAROL brand (HERBAPOL POZNAŃ) and carried out a comprehensive marketing campaign, including a change of the packaging and a nationwide advertising campaign, together with a TV spot.

NEKK: Important developments in 2014

  • extension of the multi-channel marketing portfolio, including sales support and new media,
  • expansion of implementation teams and moving to NEKK new offices in Poznań.