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Our strategy


Core business

NEUCA focuses on the development of the core business, namely wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals.

In parallel, we proceed with synergy-based activities in the health care market: 

  • managing our own brands of pharmaceutical products, 
  • developing IT systems, 
  • providing specialist advertising services for the health care market, 
  • delivering medical services through our consistently extended network of outpatient care clinics.

We take steps in order to enter new areas:

  • conducting clinical trials, 
  • providing products and services in the segment of telemedicine.

All the activities carried out as part of our strategy are aimed at directly or indirectly contributing to the development of independent pharmacies.


Our strategic objectives

Our strategy is to grow the market share in the wholesale of pharmaceuticals to pharmacies and hospitals through organic growth and acquisitions which is further supported by synergy-oriented business activities.

Development strategies for particular areas are drafted individually based on business conditions prevailing in different markets. In those strategies there are also new groups of recipients and customers.

1. The development strategy of our core business – wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals

Our growth derives from concentration on our customers' needs: providing top quality logistics services, an attractive range of products and services with the emphasis on promotional offers and comprehensive business support services using the economies of scale.

In addition, we deliver exceptional support for our strategic customers. We provide them with programs to build the skills necessary to compete in the market and to manage their pharmacies. We also offer a continuously expanded portfolio of our own products giving them the higher margins and an attractive offer for their patients. What is more, we support the interests of independent pharmacists in different institutions and organisations by being actively involved in the struggle for the pharmacist profession's independence and proper position in the health care system. 

Following those activities NEUCA now provides its strategic customers with combined total benefits.

2. Core business strategy

Our strategy is based on continuous efficiency improvements through organizational and cost restructuring. We centralize back office activities under shared services centres. We maintain the highest level of financial discipline by properly managing our stock as well as receivables and liabilities turnovers.

We constantly improve our service. We implement and perfect warehouse and transport logistics automation solutions in order to increase the availability of products as well as timeliness and correctness of deliveries. Our goal is to assure optimal (competitive, shortest, adequate, convenient) delivery times.

We improve our telemarketing activities in order to meet customer expectations in the area of order acceptance, active product consulting and complaints.

We develop sales structures adapted to needs in order to maintain direct contacts and strong and lasting relations with our customers.

We prepare marketing programs, sales and trade marketing tools, training programs and IT technologies in order to support businesses in ever changing market and legal environments. We keep carrying out efforts increasing involvement of our employees and their integration in the process of conscious implementation of the Company's strategy and mission.

3. Development strategy for synergy-based activities

As part of this group of activities we provide medical services through the network of outpatient care clinics and take initiatives to expand into new areas:

  • conducting clinical trials,
  • providing products and services in the segment of telemedicine. 

It should be noted, however, that they are only supplementary to our core business. They give us the financial strength which allows to provide independent pharmacists with additional benefits supporting their position in the market.

Individual development strategies for those actions will not be described in detail. However, in their context there is a new category of recipients of NEUCA SA products, i.e. the patients.

The patients are final beneficiaries of all NEUCA activities – medicines distributed and manufactured by the Company are addressed to the patients through the pharmacists. Now, however, the patients became also direct targets of our actions.

NEUCA GROUP for the first time deals directly with the patients, initiating dialogue and relations with them. They also became our key customers.  A further development of synergy-based activities within the Group does not exclude new categories of customers.

It does not change the fact that independent pharmacists
are still our strategic customers.