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Our mission


NEUCA considers independent pharmacists to be the pillar of the pharmaceutical market in Poland. We believe that only independent pharmacists are able to guarantee security for the patients, influence on the development and stability of the pharmaceutical market, and actually shape and implement the medicine policy of the state.

Following those activities NEUCA now provides its strategic customers with combined total benefits. We have a dedicated individually customised service range for our strategic customers. In this way, we support the independent pharmacies in building competitiveness and profitability.

We assure a long-term security of cooperation. We are an honest partner – NEUCA does not and will not have its own pharmacies. We will never compete with the independent pharmacies. We build close and lasting relations. Thanks to them, we can immediately respond to the emerging needs of all the independent pharmacies in Poland.

We strengthen our financial potential by benefiting from synergies on the healthcare market. We develop our businesses directly and indirectly related to the core business of the Group which still is the wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals.