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Investor relations


The Company regularly holds quarterly earnings conferences and dozens of direct meetings with the shareholders.

The Board of Directors of NEUCA regularly communicates not only with investment or pension funds but also with individual investors. It is primarily with them in mind in recent years the Company implements new solutions for more effective communication. Twice a year we conduct on-line meetings in the form of chats attended by more than 200 investors. In turn, in early June we try to meet with individual investors directly on the Wall Street conference, organised by the Association of Individual Investors. During that event, the Company's special exhibition space permits to meet with the Group's representatives or enlarge knowledge about the Company's business.

Another form of communication between the earnings conferences, direct meetings and chats is an investor bulletin which has more subscribers month by month. In 2015, we will further improve this tool and complement them with new functionalities.

In the circle of our interest there are also foreign investors who meet with the Company's Board of Directors in Poland. Last year, one of them – the Norwegian state pension fund – increased its stake in the Company.

We also never forget about communication with analysts – opinion leaders among investors interested in our industry. We put emphasis on active dialogue with this group and from year to year grows the number of brokerage houses writing about our Company. 

We also continuously work on new solutions facilitating investors' contacts with the Company.

"In coming months NEUCA will benefit from rising market shares. In subsequent quarters, we will witness synergies resulting from the merger with ACP PHARMA (restructuring process should be completed by the end of the year). The Company keeps its 2014 forecast unchanged which gives high hopes for good results in the fourth quarter." 

NEUCA’s rising market share – extract from the analyst report of DOM MAKLERSKI BZ WBK on forecasts of results for the third quarter 2014. 

"In the long term, we see a potential to grow market shares in the wholesale part due to services of the Group being appreciated as the best among pharmaceutical wholesalers. We continue to expect a dynamic increase in the operating margin of the Group's own brands' segment and the development of alternative projects such as the network of outpatient care clinics and telemedicine."

Extract from the report of BIURO MAKLERSKIE BGŻ issued in December 2014 on wholesale distributors of pharmaceuticals.

Recommendations of Analysts

  Target price
Issue date
buy 271 12.12.2014 DM TRIGON SA
buy 339,18 04.12.2014 BM BGŻ SA
buy 265 01.09.2014 DM BOŚ
buy 314,12 30.05.2014 BM BGŻ SA
buy 297,6 19.05.2014 DM IDM SA
buy   28.04.2014 Citigroup
sell 125 07.04.2014 Erste Bank
buy 365 30.01.2014 DM BZ WBK SA
buy 379 08.11.2013 DM BZ WBK SA
hold 259 20.10.2013 DM IDM SA
buy 231,33 13.09.2013 BM BGŻ SA
buy 234 23.07.2013 DM BZ WBK
buy 196,5 24.06.2013 DM IDM SA
buy 201,3 04.06.2013 BM BGŻ SA
buy 232 22.04.2013 DM BZ WBK
sell 125 10.04.2013 Erste Bank
buy 200 12.02.2013 DM BZ WBK
buy 163,5 31.01.2013 BM BGŻ
buy 138 28.01.2013 DM BZ WBK