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Human resources strategy



NEUCA GROUP's employees are the pillar supporting the growth and development of our organisation. We strive constantly to increase the commitment of our employees. We are convinced that it is with their talent, experience and involvement we will be able to achieve our ambitious business goals and ensure sustainable growth of our organisation. In all our actions we are guided by the principle of partnership between two parties – the Company and our people – pursuing profits and benefits for the business while still being fair and honest with our employees.



We value the individuality of our employees.

We provide them with unique workplaces in order to allow them to continuously develop their competencies, expand their knowledge and acquire new experiences.

We propose our employees to accept certain roles in the organisation thanks to which on the basis of their talents, skills and aspirations they could effectively implement objectives individually defined for each of them. However we give them space and freedom to act.
For our employees we create the environment of healthy competition while appreciating their efforts and investing in the best and the most outstanding ones. 

We want to keep everyone focused on expected deliverables and responsible for the development of his/her own competencies.

We require each employee to know our strategy and understand his/her role in the organisation.



We expect more from our managers.

Members of our management staff are role models for the employees. It is the obligation of each manager to support the employees and take care of them.

Managers, when pursuing the business strategy, are responsible for the best possible use of talents and capacities of their subordinated employees. It is a basis for synergies in human resources thanks to which the result of interactions between teams (employees with a variety of talents and competencies) is greater than the sum of individual efforts of their members.



We create the culture of the organisation based on company-wide values and competences.